Refund policy

By using this website (the “Website”) a present or prospective advertiser ("you" or "Advertiser") agrees to this Policy and to the Advertising Terms and Conditions( You should be aware that the Policy and the Advertising Terms may be changed at any time and you are bound by the provisions of both as currently in force.
When a booking is made for a job posting you become liable to pay the applicable charge. If you wish to cancel a booking on 28 days' notice you will only have to pay an amount equivalent to WorldPay's admin fee but for cancellation on shorter notice you remain liable to pay the whole charge. You acknowledge that the cancellation of any advertisement which forms part of a series of advertisements will affect any discount rate that might apply and we reserve the right to charge an additional fee for the publishing of the remaining or already published advertisements in the series.
If your job posting does not appear on the Website for any reason we are not liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result. If your booking is not fulfilled due to our fault, we will endeavour to extend the time your posting appears on the Website by an equivalent period or we may instead elect to refund an equivalent part of the charge paid.
Any breach by you of the Advertising Terms and Conditions (, including breach of the terms relating to content or your failure to pay the charges when due, will result in all your job postings being immediately removed from the Website without notice and no further postings being made on your behalf.
Any billing issues related to WorldPay’s online merchant system should be directed to WorldPay ( We accept no responsibility for that system, including security of data, as it is the exclusive responsibility of WorldPay.
If you are an individual placing a job posting on your own behalf rather than that of a business you have the right to cancel the contract with us within 7 days of reaching that agreement provided that the job posting has not yet appeared on the Website. You can do so by giving us at least 24 hours' notice before it is due to appear on the Website and then any money which has been taken in payment will be returned to you.